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Hepatitis C

Background on the global and local burden of HCV; the expanding role of primary care in HCV management; diagnosis and pre-treatment assessment; HCV treatment and ongoing care. The important role of hepatitis nurses in the HCV care pathway is also discussed.


Hepatitis B

A comprehensive summary of currently available knowledge on HBV is provided here – information focuses on screening, diagnosis and management of people living with HBV.



The aim of this section is to summarise the most recent data on NAFLD and NASH including the burden, staging, diagnosis and management approaches such as lifestyle interventions and multidisciplinary management.

Hepatic Health

An educational resource designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and people with an interest in liver disease

Providing relevant information across the care continuum

Hepatic Health can assist healthcare professionals of many specialities, including:

  • Addiction specialists
  • Hepatitis nurses
  • Hepatologists
  • Infectious disease physicians
  • Primary care providers

All aspects of screening, evaluation and treatment of HCV, HBV, NAFLD and NASH with progressive fibrosis are addressed, including expert insights on complex issues and scientific updates from annual meetings.

Gilead R&D has helped advance the treatment of chronic hepatitis C infection, and helped manage chronic hepatitis B infection. Today, the company’s liver disease research focuses on advancing the care of patients living with liver diseases through its research and development efforts.

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Specialist interests

Discover liver disease content related to specific areas of interest, including addiction and harm reduction and primary care.