Simplification and Test And Treat Strategies
Towards Hepatitis C Elimination’


HCV screening, linkage to care and treatment access still remain a challenge due to health system, provider, societal and patient barriers.

Gilead supports the efforts of governments and partners with professional organisations, patient advocacy groups,payers and healthcare professionals who have declared their intention and commitment to work toward the goal of eliminating viral hepatitis.

To further strengthen this support and commitment, the Gilead Medical Affairs team is launching a fifth program, Simplification and Test And Treat Strategies Towards Hepatitis C Elimination (STAT), which will support projects that focus on ways to overcome barriers in hepatitis C care.

Applications are now live and will close on 30th June 2019.

Further details on how to submit an application can be found here

The STAT programme is part of Gilead’s LEGA-C program, ‘Local Elimination Programs Leading to Global Action in HCV’, which demonstrates Gilead’s commitment to support local action in HCV elimination.

The STAT program aims to fund approximately 15 projects worldwide, with a total budget of US $10,000,000.

Successful projects should demonstrate clear objectives, defined timelines, a comprehensive operational plan, and proposed data generation which has relevance to the medical community and policy makers, focusing on:


  • Innovative approaches to simplify HCV treatment and HCV care delivery (e.g. minimal monitoring, alternative models of care)
  • Innovative elimination strategies through simplification of the patient care cascade
  • Use of technology to address digital patient solution

Test and Treat: 

  • Strategies using pan-genotypic regimens as well as diagnostic tools that allow for rapid treatment initiation

Program specifics:

  • Proposals will be initiated by letter of intent (LOI), submitted to
  • A LOI should be submitted using the template provided on the Gilead website
  • LOI submissions must include signed overhead agreement
  • Submission window: April 11 – June 30, 2019

Key Dates: 

11 Apr 2019: Application period opens
30 Jun 2019: Deadline to submit proposals