SLTC 2020

SLTC Summit 2020 Good Practice live webinar on outreach and mobile settings

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Date held 06/11/20

We are excited to welcome you to the SLTC Summit 2020 Good Practice webinar focussing on outreach and mobile settings. During this webinar we will look to discuss and debate good practices in viral hepatitis screening and linkage to care within the outreach and mobile units setting. 

We need your involvement! Click on the infographics further down the page to find out more about the good practice initiatives the panel members are involved with and get ready to share your experiences and submit your questions to the panel!

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Outreach infographics

Explore more outreach infographics from around the world on the SLTC Good Practice Interactive Map.

Test-to-treat project: Mobile Hepatitis Team (MHT)

André-Jean Remy – France

Mobile outreach model providing HCV screening to populations with poor access to healthcare in Madrid, Spain

Pablo Ryan – Spain

Micro-elimination of HCV through an outreach screening and treatment programme in Tzukuan, Taiwan

Ming-Lung Yu – Taiwan

Meet the faculty


John Dillon


André-Jean Remy

France – Faculty

Pablo Ryan

Spain – Faculty

Ming-Lung Yu

Taiwan – Faculty



IHQ-HCV-2020-09-0012 • Date of preparation: October 2020