Hepatitis C

HCV Elimination Videos

JAILFREE-C programme

El Dueso Prison in a small region in central Northern Spain called Cantabria and the site of a pilot programme to eliminate hepatitis C infection from the population. Utilising a communication tool introduced by the Spanish Government to manage hepatitis C within the prison, the JAILFREE-C programme was born.

Case study: patient perspective

Sérgio Rodrigues is a drug user and activist who has worked in the GIRUGaia harm reduction team for 10 years. Having contracted hepatitis C through injecting heroin and sharing equipment, Sérgio, now cured, encourages and supports others through their personal journeys of drug use and treatment.


Understanding the experiences of people living with NASH

In the following videos, people from the UK and Germany talk about their experiences of living with NASH. Hear their stories and discover how they first learnt about their condition, how their lives have changed as a result, and what their advice is for those coming to terms with their own diagnoses.

“I had two liver biopsies, both of which came back inconclusive”

Hilary is 53 years old and previously worked as a playschool teacher. She is married with three children and lives in Norfolk, UK. Here, she talks about the difficulties she has faced in receiving a NASH diagnosis and the importance of the work she now does as a patient advocate.

“The physicians did not know what advice or help to provide”

Ludwig is a retired bookseller living in Brandenburg, Germany. He is 72 years old and has known about his fatty liver for over 45 years. Below, he speaks about his long road to receiving a definitive NASH diagnosis and his motivation for taking part in clinical trials.

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