Hepatitis C


JAILFREE-C programme

El Dueso Prison in a small region in central Northern Spain called Cantabria and the site of a pilot programme to eliminate hepatitis C infection from the population. Utilising a communication tool introduced by the Spanish Government to manage hepatitis C within the prison, the JAILFREE-C programme was born.


Case study: patient perspective

Sérgio Rodrigues is a drug user and activist who has worked in the GIRUGaia harm reduction team for 10 years. Having contracted hepatitis C through injecting heroin and sharing equipment, Sérgio, now cured, encourages and supports others through their personal journeys of drug use and treatment.


The Trap Hep C programme in Iceland

The Trap Hep C programme in Iceland is a pioneering project established in 2016 as a collaborative initiative between the Icelandic Ministry of Health and Gilead with one simple aim: to achieve the elimination of hepatitis C in Iceland as a major health threat – for the benefit of Icelanders and to provide a model to enable other countries and regions to follow their lead.


Micro–elimination project in Mongolia

Gilead is working with the Mongolian government on a micro-elimination program in the Arkhangai Province. Over 17,000 people aged 40-65 years were screened, and >99% of people diagnosed with hepatitis C were cured.1


The Screening and Linkage to Care Summit 2019

Throughout the world, the hepatitis C community has made amazing strides to identify and roll-out successful ways of finding those who have hepatitis C. It is therefore crucial that we enable the sharing of best practice and learnings to allow others to optimise, adapt and scale-up their efforts around the world and accelerate impact

HCV care during COVID-19

Experts from around the world reflect on how viral hepatitis screening and linkage to care has changed during COVID-19



Andalusia One Step Diagnosis

Dr Federico García explains how the simplification of the hepatitis screening process has facilitated faster testing and better communication with patients. 1


Test-to-treat project: Mobile Hepatitis Team

Follow the Mobile Hepatitis Team to Ceret as healthcare professionals take HCV screening into the community.


JAILFREE-C Programme

Step inside El Dueso Prison and hear about the successful universal test-to-treat strategy working to eliminate HCV infection in this high-risk prison population.


Kombi Clinic outreach model of GP care

Follow the colourful Kombi Clinic as founders Joss & Matt take HCV screening and linkage to care to the streets.


Villa Maraini Foundation integrated HCV care

Villa Maraini Foundation provides treatment and rehabilitation for people who use drugs through a range of services adapted to individual needs.


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IHQ-LVD-2020-10-0019 • Date of Preparation: November 2020