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During the Good Practice webinars an expert panel will highlight and discuss implementation of good practice examples of HCV care from around the world.

This exciting series of webinars will involve multi-stakeholder panels of faculty and cover good practice HCV care in the context of: telemedicine and COVID-19, correctional settings, harm reduction settings, drug treatment settings, outreach and mobile units, and community/primary care settings. With expert insight from individuals at the forefront of HCV care and an extensive audience Q&A session, there is sure to be something for everyone. Click below to register your participation NOW.


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The history of the SLTC Summit

All people involved in the care and well-being of people affected by hepatitis C should have a seat at the table when viral hepatitis screening and linkage to care is being discussed. This has been the central concept of the SLTC Summit since its inauguration in 2017. Peer workers to policy makers. Hepatologists, infectious disease physicians, addiction specialists, nurses, pharmacists, general practitioners, epidemiologists, microbiologists, social workers, and more – all are welcome. Every voice, every perspective, is important.

Since inception, the format and topics of discussion at the SLTC Summit have been ratified and fine-tuned in collaboration with a steering committee of global experts. The inaugural meeting in 2017, ‘Bridging the gaps for people who inject drugs’, focussed on addressing barriers to linking people who inject drugs with hepatitis C care. In 2018, ‘Transforming the HCV care cascade for people who use drugs – inspired by possibilities’, we expanded focus to a broader population of people who use drugs and those in the prison setting. Most recently, in 2019, ‘Exploring new frontiers in HCV care’, we expanded once more to discuss how we could ensure that all under-served populations received the hepatitis C care they deserved and, together, accelerate the journey towards the ultimate goal of HCV elimination.

2017 SLTC Summit Invitation

2018 SLTC Summit Invitation

2019 SLTC Summit Invitation

Screening and Linkage to Care and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a considerable impact on viral hepatitis screening and linkage to care across the globe, we teamed up with 10 experts to find out more about how care has evolved globally. Find out more here

There are many examples of good practice initiatives which are enhancing progress towards viral hepatitis elimination, find out more about some of these initiatives here.

The annual SLTC Summit is well known for bringing all stakeholders together by providing a platform for colleagues and peers from around the world to connect and share insights. As we embark on a digital format for this year, it's more important now than ever before to keep the conversations going! To hear more from the experts, click below.

IHQ-HCV-2020-09-0023 • Date of preparation: September 2020