It is important that the hepatitis community continues to collaborate, share good practice and build on current momentum. Together, it is possible to re-define viral hepatitis care and provide greater access to treatment and equity of care for all patients, ensuring that no one is left behind.

Watch the good practice animations from the 2018 and 2019 below.

SLTC Summit 2019 Good Practice animation

SLTC Summit 2018 Good Practice animation

Good practice examples of viral hepatitis screening and linkage to care

Explore detailed infographics summarising good practice from around the world below.


Models of care, interventions and regional elimination plans included in this map have been selected for their educational value, relevance, quality of data, scalability and transferability.  The infographics included in this interactive map have been developed and approved by Gilead Sciences for educational purposes. Inclusion in this map does not indicate funding of the initiatives by Gilead, however where funding was received from Gilead Sciences, this is stated in the infographic.

IHQ-HCV-2020-08-0055 ⋅ Date of preparation: September 2020

Screening and Linkage to Care Summit 2020


1. The Boston Consulting Group. Road to elimination: Barriers and best practices in hepatitis C management. The Boston Consulting Group; 2017

IHQ-HCV-2020-07-0052 Date of preparation: September 2020