Keeping in touch with last year’s Co-chair

We caught up with the Co-chair of last year’s SLTC Summit, Manuel Hernández-Guerra, to find out what has been happening in his setting since the SLTC Summit 2019. Click below to hear more.

NHS Tayside become the first region to effectively eliminate HCV a decade ahead of the WHO HCV elimination goal

The NHS Tayside HCV elimination initiative was first featured as a best practice initiative at the SLTC Summit in 2018. Fast forward two years and it’s become the first region in the world to effectively eliminate HCV. The programme aimed to enhance HCV testing, treatment and management by targeting PWUD through on-site specialist nurses at pharmacies, drug treatment centres, prisons and needle exchange syringe programmes. By early 2020, NHS Tayside had successfully diagnosed and treated 90% of those infected, meeting the WHO 2030 target for HCV elimination 11 years early and 5 years ahead of the Scottish Government’s 2024 target.

We sat down with Professor John Dillon, a consultant hepatologist and gastroenterologist at NHS Tayside and twice chair of the SLTC Summit, to ask him about the key learnings from the initiative, how these can be utilised in other HCV elimination programmes around the world and what the future holds for NHS Tayside.

Click here to read the full interview with John Dillon

View the NHS Tayside good practice infographic from SLTC Summit 2018

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Screening and Linkage to Care Summit 2020

Screening and Linkage to Care and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a considerable impact on viral hepatitis screening and linkage to care across the globe, we teamed up with 10 experts to find out more about how care has evolved globally. Find out more here

There are many examples of good practice initiatives which are enhancing progress towards viral hepatitis elimination, find out more about some of these initiatives here

IHQ-HCV-2020-09-0023 • Date of preparation: September 2020